Siargao Island is most famous for its surf, in particular “Cloud 9”. Cloud 9 Surf break is rated as one of the best surf breaks in Asia and in the Top 10 in the world. One of the waves you must ride before your wave riding days are over.

The surf season starts in August through to March (although you can get waves anytime of the year). The High Season is September and October when the International Surfing Competition is held at Cloud 9.

Just off Siargao Island is the “Philippine Trench” where the sea bed drops to 500m, then to 1500m just a mile offshore, then at 30 miles offshore it drops to 10,000m deep (Mt Everest plus some). The typhoons that pass to the North of Siargao Island generate the swells that come in from this deep water forming the perfect barrels that dreams are made of. You will think you are dreaming because in some spots you (and your mates if you share the secret) will be the only ones riding these perfectly formed waves.

Kyron will be offering his photography and videography skills to our guests. He will join you and/or your friends on a few surfing sessions to get some sick footage that he will edit and put on a DVD. This is the perfect souvenir to remember your time at Cloud 9 and you won’t have to worry about who is going to miss the waves to take the photos. Kyron does a fantastic job of filming and editing. Check out some of his work on YouTube here or here.

Check out the list on the right for surfing spots that are all within a short boat ride from The Boardwalk at Cloud 9.